Canino Produce Farmer’s Market Pt. 2

This is the second portion of Canino’s that is outside and it is my favorite part!!

If you have read Canino’s pt. 1, click here!

Where: Canino Produce
Address: 2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009

There are so many vendors with different fruits, veggies, chiles, candies, and more! It is helpful if you speak Spanish, but if you don’t, it’s cool! Here are some pictures below!

So many tomatoes and onions

So Many SelectionsNopales and More

Strawberry Towers
The strawberries were so red! and at the bottom of the picture are bags of fresh juice!
Dried Chiles
ALL the dried chiles! Ancho, chipotle, guajillo, and more!
Canela-Mexican Cinnamon
Mexican Cinnamon (canela)
Plants and Herbs
She was selling plants and eggs
ALL the candies!
More Cut Fruit
There are so many snack options too!

Bagged Fruit

Grape Towers
These are just beautiful
Mango Flower
I HAD to buy a mango. I’ve bought mangoes from here before and they are the best!

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