The Olive Oil

Gabriel surprised me with this place! I have never been to a Greek restaurant before. As soon as you walk inside, you feel like you stepped into a scene from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding!” The music, the decor, the SMELLS! It was great.

Where: The Olive Oil
Address: 373 Sawdust Road, The Woodlands, Texas
Instagram: oliveoilgreekrestaurant

The Olive Oil Exterior
The Olive Oil Menu
The menu ft. Gabriel’s fingers to keep the menu open

We started with an appetizer of pita bread and hummus and oh my goodness.. this hummus was absolutely hands down the best hummus I have ever had.

Pita and Hummus

I ordered the Gyro Plate (thinly sliced Greek seasoned lamb) with more pita bread, the freshest tatziki I have ever had along with fresh tomatoes and red onion. As for my side, I chose the rice pilaf!

Gabriel ordered the Greek pattties: Bifteki Ala Chios, also served with pita bread, tatziki, and veggies. He chose Greek seasoned potatoes as his side. They tasted as if there was just a brush of vinegar or some kind of acid that finished them off.

All in all, I would love to go back again. Their Friday and Saturday nights are filled with live Greek music and dancing!

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