Portobello Tortellini Pasta

Simple ingredients for a very easy meal! Semi-homemade meals are the best because you can buy certain ingredients to help move along the cooking process if you’re either pressed for time or just don’t feel like making everything from scratch.


1/2 small onion, small diced
1 large garlic clove, minced
1 c. portobello mushrooms, sliced
1 Tbsp butter
1/2 jar of marinara sauce
1/2 c. whipping cream
8.8 oz packaged tortellini
Fresh basil, chiffonade
Parmesan, grated



1. In small pot, boil water for the tortellini to cook in.
2. Once it’s boiling, add in a lot of salt. Pour in the tortellini and boil for 8 minutes.
3. In large pan, saute onion for 2 minutes. Add in the garlic and mushrooms and butter. Cook for until the mushrooms have turned brown.
4. Add in the marinara sauce and cream. Once it’s simmering, add in the cooked (and drained) tortellini.
5. Sprinkle with basil and parmesan and serve!

*If you wanted to, you can add in some chicken for some protein. If you want extra greens, you could throw in some fresh spinach to saute before adding in the sauce!

Step 3
Step 4




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