Ramen Jin

Gabriel and I both love Ramen! Late one night after an Astros game, we had a craving for it and really just looked up a place that was nearby. We weren’t super hungry, so we decided to share a bowl.
This place is generally open until 9pm, on Friday and Satuday, they’re open until 10pm. The mood of this place was pretty chill, which is nice for a casual unplanned date night.

Where: Ramen Jin
Address: 11181 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ramenjin/
Instagram: ramenjin

Menu is below:

Ramin Jin Menu
Lighting isn’t the best, but oh well!

We ordered the Tonkotsu which is the more traditional bowl. We also ordered some gyoza because dumplings are my favorite. This place was awesome, and we will definitely be going back! The pictures are below!

Water while we wait


Ramen Tonkotsu
Ramen Tonkotsu
Finished Meal
Obviously we loved it!

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